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What does the word ‘visionary’ mean to you?   What is a visionary? And how does one become one?   A visionary is open to possibility and the idea that what they envision in their mind is a real potential in this physical world.  It takes being able to believe in something when evidence has […]

Accountability & Deadlines

Have you ever had a task given to you and you not do it? We all have. For whatever the reason we did not do it.  The important thing is that you determine what made you complete the tasks you did complete.   The tasks you did usually were one or all: relatively easy, fun to […]

Goals & Pivoting

You always hear of goals and how they are crucial to your success.   While I agree they are important, they are useless unless you understand the pivot.   Take the analogy of a car trip & and your business: The starting destination is where your company is today.  The final destination is your company goals. […]

Cheerleader & Positive Reinforcement

Part of my job is fun and I enjoy is being a positive cheerleader and supporter for your goals, objectives, and your vision.   This is one reason I have the initial consultation.  I only want a working relationship with someone I can see their vision and believe in them.  After one meeting we can discern […]

I am My Biggest Critic

For most of you reading this article, this is true.   The question you should ask: ‘Is being my biggest critic beneficial for me?’   I would argue a definite that it is a definite yes if you are framing how you are being critical of yourself.   First, those providing feedback in your life from […]

Failure Is A Necessity For Success

Have you ever heard the stories about people whom you may admire or respect and the list of failures and setbacks they had?   If you have not, please look up the story of United States President Abraham Lincoln, Apple founder Steve Jobs, or arguably the most powerful woman the world today, Oprah Winfrey. There […]

Coach vs Consultant vs Therapist

All three help the client with where they want to go.  They’re all valid and amazing professions and serve a purpose.   The question my firm receives is: What are you and what are you not?   First of all, we offer both coaching and consulting services.  We work with different clients in different capacities, […]

What Is A Wholistic Coach?

Simply put, a holistic coach looks that every part of your life with knowing that you are more than simply just a business owner, husband or wife, or any other aspect of your life.   The sooner that you are able to round out your life and improve your it in areas such as mind, […]