Accountability & Deadlines

Have you ever had a task given to you and you not do it? We all have. For whatever the reason we did not do it.  The important thing is that you determine what made you complete the tasks you did complete.


The tasks you did usually were one or all: relatively easy, fun to accomplish, you were sure of the outcome when you finished them, and they didn’t push you into the unknown.


This is where accountability comes in.  The power of accountability is that it gives you pressure within yourself to do something you were avoiding before.


Forms of accountability maybe you not wanting to disappoint someone else or a group whose opinion you care about, a financial reason, but with accountability, it is a consequence related to not accomplishing something.


With coaching, we will only ask you to do tasks you agree to commit to and that you feel they are for your benefit.  If something doesn’t feel right, we’ll review the situation to determine a potential resolution.


The benefit is that it allows you to accomplish more than you have an idea and hoping that the idea comes to fruition. By you putting energy and focus and attention towards it, it will increase chances of completion.

All a deadline does is gives you a time frame from which you can finish the goal. The important thing with time frames and deadlines is that you regularly keep them in front of you so you naturally feel the desire to move forward with them. You will feel natural pressure to move forward to carry out them.


When you have someone holding you accountable with a deadline, it is a powerful combination.  If you wish to get help with this, reach out to me and schedule your first meeting.