I want you to focus on what you want.

I can’t tell you the amount of people that I meet on a regular, consistent basis that complain about what they don’t have going on in their lives. I usually ask one simple question I want to ask you right now. 

What is it that you really, really want? 

If you don’t have the answer right now, that’s okay. You may have a list of things that you want, that’s ok too. We’re not here to come up with just one answer. 

Here are two more questions to consider:

  1. What big problem do you have in your life right now? 
  2. Does that problem continuously come up in your life?


Let’s use relationship issues for example. It may be an issue where you don’t have strong friendships with people who you can have positive discussions with and really connect with on the level that you want.  Let’s take this challenge and see how it can be resolved.

Let’s get you focused.

How much time on a given day do you spend focusing on upgrading or moving in the direction towards what you where you want to go?

I want you to identify it specifically, “I spend this much time on an actual given day, every single day focusing on solutions to this.”

And if it’s not every day, how frequent is it?

Based on the example we are using, do you spend at least five to ten minutes a day focusing on finding good relationships?

By the way, if you spend a half hour to an hour a day focusing on what you want, you will experience dramatic changes, but even with a small amount of time and effort and focus, you would be blown away with the amazing amount of change and visible difference that happens in your life.

Climb Your Success Ladder

Here’s why: The universe gets a lot of messages from you throughout the day.

If the divine is hearing from you, “my relationships suck. I wish I had better relationships.” That’s what it hears all day, everyday, then it says “Relationships suck. Okay. Okay, gotcha. Let’s find more of that for you. Let’s find more examples, because this is obviously important to you. So let’s find more of that for you.”

It then finds that for you and you get crappy relationships, then you complain a little bit more. You may then piss and moan to friends and it just perpetuates the cycle.

After a while of this, you may say to yourself “Screw it, I’m sick of this. I’m so sick of these terrible relationships, I want to upgrade where I’m at.”

This mindset could be towards money, this could be health, vitality, it doesn’t really matter.

You begin to say, “I’m going to stop complaining. I’m going to be focusing on relationships I want. I’m going to be dedicating time and energy to this on a consistent basis.”

Within a matter of days, dramatic changes will happen. There’ll be actual shifts in your life. If you have not tried this, give yourself a 30 day window, where you say at a minimum, “I’m going to give 10 minutes a day on this topic, focusing on what I want.”

What I want you to do is to begin writing down and verbalising the little changes that have happened and track them. You’re going to need a few sheets of paper for the 30 days, maybe 20 or 30 sheets of paper. I want you to write down with pen and paper what changes you experience.

Manually write down these things, don’t use your computer on your phone. Grab a pen or pencil and paper, then I want you to write down what has actually occurred, manifested, come into your personal physical reality, to give you indications that the angels of the universe are here to help you and give you what you want. With regular, consistent focus on a daily basis, do this.

If it’s as important as you say it is, do it twice a day.

Here’s another example for you:

The richest people in the world, on average spend 20 to 30 minutes focusing on or tending to their wealth. That means buying and selling companies or just checking their accounts, seeing how much money is coming in. They give it regular and daily attention. These are the wealthiest, the one percenters of the world.

Another common habit of the wealthy is that they read books daily, usually 517 pages a day. Why do they spend so much time tending to their wealth and gaining knowledge? Because energy goes where attention flows and energy flows where attention goes. Give your goals the regular and daily attention it needs, and then watch the magic happen. Watch God, the divine, the universe, the cosmic web, work (whatever terms best resonate with you).

What you need to do:

  • Devote at least 10 minutes a day to focus on what you want.
  • Manually write the changes as you see they happen (do not waste your time on your computer does not have the same effect).
  • If you’re tracking your finances, I would encourage you have alarm set on your devices will remind you to be aware of new forms of abundance coming in. You will take note of these. This abundance can be in the form of actual cash coming in or it can be in the form of other gifts. It may be a friend buying you lunch or you may get a gift from someone. Track all the abundance that relates to finances.

focus on your future

Give attention to the things you want to happen in your life, focus on what you want and watch the magic happen!

Do you have any feedback, questions or challenges? I’d love to hear from you. Thank you so much!