Welcome to The Productivity Reboot

5-Part Productivity & Time-Management Certification Course

Do any of these sound like you?

  •  Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed and like you’re never getting ahead?
  •  How much time do you waste doing other people’s work because you don’t know how to say no?
  •  How much money could you save by not doing everything yourself?
  •  Do you ever go into a successful business, where everything seems to run smoothly, and wish that your business could run the same way?

If they do, you’ve come to the right place.

Course Summary

Session 1: Upgraded Techniques for Time Management

  •  How to spot time wasting activities & identify your best use of time
  •  End procrastination forever & be ahead of the game
  •  How to overcome impossible & seemingly insurmountable goals
  •  How to no longer feel overwhelmed
  •  Power of ‘no’ & how to say it with minimal negative side effects & accomplish more

Session 2: Delegation & the Power of Many

  •  Why should you delegate & why is it so hard to actually start doing it?
  •  How you can start delegating, get your time back and overcome your resistance
  •  The magic of our modern world for delegation
  •  How delegation applies to personal life as well as business life
  •  How to overcome Superman/Superwoman Syndrome
  •  The era of the personal assistant & the virtual assistant
  •  Learn real applicable practices for starting to grow your team by delegating

Session 3: Creating Processes & Systems to Make your Business Boom!

  •  How your company can benefit from systems
  •  How your customers will love you and refer you more business after you systematise
  •  Would you like to have your business 1,000 times larger & more impactful than it is now?
  •  What if you only had to hire only a handful of people to accomplish that?
  •  What did McDonalds teach us?
  •  Exercises for you to start this now

Session 4: Minimising Distractions for Focus & Improving Sleep Quality

  •  How your physical space impacts your productivity & how your sleep affects your focus
  •  Two powerful techniques that alone are amazing and together will change how you work forever
  •  How to leverage technology to stop distracting you
  •  How to identify distractions in your work environment
  • Simple yet immediately applicable tools for sleeping better

Session 5: Putting It All Together

  •  Review of Everything Taught Thus Far
  •  The Pareto Principle aka 80/20 Rule explain and why you need to know this to achieve maximum success and productivity gains
  •  80/20 Exercise with worksheet
  •  My suggestions on how to leverage all of these tools and techniques for maximum success – SPOILER ALERT! – This will probably be your favourite section of the entire course.
  • Action plan and worksheets to maximise your success