Mindset Coaching

Why invest in your team?

  • Losing team members

    Losing team members in their first year is costly & is estimated to cost the organisation 3x their annual salary!

    (Source: PwC)

  • Training & Development

    70% of your team will stay onboard because of training & development

    (Source: CED Magazine)

  • Your Team is Hungry to Grow

    Long-term study of 4,300 employees found that 74% felt they weren’t achieving their full potential due to lack of development opportunities.

    (Source: The Learning Wave)

  • Companies don’t invest in training

    The teams of companies with less than 100 employees experience less than 12 minutes every six months of training.  It is even worse with companies 100-500 employees in size, receiving only 6 minutes of training.

    (Source: HR Professionals Magazine)


We maximise learning by focusing on simulation & role-play.

Through simulations, your team can retain up to 90% of what they learned!

Mission ~ Team ~ Leadership

In partnership with Sales Training Academy

Mission & Vision

What does your company stand for?

In this training you (owner, the board, the leaders) will:

  • Establish a vision and direction for where the organisation is heading
  • This is NOT just a list of attributes on the wall but a mission with direction
  • Once this compass has been established, only then can you truly lead

This is the opportunity to create a business that excites both you and your team.

If you do not get up every morning psyched about the future of your organisation, you need this as much as your team does.

Team Code of Honor

The Code is a self-created core set of rules that the team/organisation agree to uphold.  We base the concept off a strict military code, where every person’s actions will affect the team and the mission.

Is your team?:

  • Disengaged

  • Showing up late
  • Always looking at doing just enough

This training can forever change these behaviours.

Together we will help you & your team establish your own code.  We’ll show you how to uphold and reinforce the code so it becomes solidified as the team’s culture.  The code can be created for a department or for an entire organisation.

Military Leadership

Most company heads, executives, or managers, have never been taught HOW to LEAD.  They may have been educated in what attributes make a leader or how to manage, but not to lead.

  • Coercion and threatening people to act do not make a leader
  • Being a role model & inspiring them to action does

This program is developed to take you from where you are and help you to level-up.

Leadership is a skill that can be learned.  It is also among the core facets that are critical to long-term business success.


Team Building

Motivation & Confidence

  • Build team’s self esteem to new levels
  • Experience powerful yet simple techniques to immediately change a person’s view of themselves
  • Understand and correct self-defeating self-talk

Successful Conflict Resolution

  • Review the causes of conflict
  • How unresolved conflict impacts organisations
  • Learn prevention & resolution strategies
  • Leverage active listening among other techniques
  • Create a more open and harmonious workplace
  • Role-play situations

Stress Management

  • Learn what the stress response is
  • Discover the impact of chronic stress
  • Explore over 25+ causes & practical solutions
  • Learn & experience powerful techniques to feel relief

Self-Defence Workshop

  • Practice techniques that are effective in most common situations
  • Designed to not only work but also be something that doesn’t require endless hours of drill & rehearse
  • Learn how your inner confidence plays a direct role in the likelihood of you being a victim
  • Explore methods to make you feel unstoppable
  • This course is taught by a master of martial arts


Sales & Customer Service

In partnership with Sales Training Academy

6 Steps to Sales Mastery

Click the + for module details.

  • Introduction
  • Accountability partners
  • Success Conditioning
  • Morning Routine
  • Physical Fitness
  • Confidence & self-talk
  • Elevator pitch – Role Play

Module is 3 hours long.

  • Understanding The Customer Journey
  • Top 5 Reasons People Decide to Buy
  • The Complete Sales Funnel
  • Creating A Successful Sales Plan
  • KPIs & Predicting Your Sales Success
  • Networking/Rapport Builder – Role Play
  • Prospecting

Module is 3 hours long.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Knowing & Tracking Your Numbers
  • The #1 Reason Any Team Underperforms
  • Daily Time Log
  • Sales Cycle
  • Call script – Role Play
  • Tonality

Module is 3 hour long.

  • Three Tenets of selling
  • Pre-Interview Prep
  • Question Generation
  • Be Prepared
  • Sitting vs Standing
  • Body Language
  • Your Focus & Attention
  • Meeting – Role Play

Module is 3 hours long.

  • Acknowledge/Respond/Pivot
  • Straight Line System
  • Objection Handling/Closing – Role Play

Module is 3 hours long.

  • Elevator Pitch – Role Play
  • Networking/Rapport Builder – Role Play
  • Call Script – Role Play
  • Meeting – Role Play
  • Objection Handling/Closing – Role Play

Module is 3 hours long.  Only available when investing in the entire course.

In-Person Customer Service

Your team will:

  • Review current protocols
  • Learn a fool-proof method to make someone like you
  • Create an environment where the team is service-oriented
  • Role-play in-store greetings & situations such as a difficult customer
  • Perfect for face-to-face: restaurant, retail, grocers, services, etc.

Module is 3 hours long.

Phone/Internet Customer Service

Your team will:

  • Review current scripts
  • Create phone script for calls
  • Learn tonality (pitch, pausing, & speed of speech when interacting with customers)
  • Create an environment where the team wants to help
  • Role-play scripts & situations

Module is 3 hours long.


Productivity & Focus

Goal-Setting Workshop

  • Understand the power of goals & establishing a clear vision
  • What are SMART goals & why they are effective
  • Difference between ‘means’ goals & ‘ends’ goals
  • Hands-on, practical workshop focusing team towards a compelling vision

Productivity & Time Management

  • Learn how to say ‘no’
  • Minimise distractions & keep focused
  • Time blocking
  • Batching your activities
  • Pomodoro technique to keep your mind sharp all day
  • Learn how to use your phone as a focus tool rather than a distraction
  • Improve effectiveness & efficiency with these valuable techniques

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Do you or your team ever:

  • Forget to follow-up with clients?
  • Lose notes of what you spoke with a client about?
  • Not have a central hub to update client’s contact information?
  • Lose records when a staff member leaves (poor handover)?
  • Clients feel unimportant
  • They take their business elsewhere
  • Lose potential referrals & repeat business
  • Notes & client information are disorganised resulting in time wasted
  • Your organisation appears unprofessional
  • The reputation of your organisation suffers
  • You lose sales
  • Have all client information in one easily accessible place (even mobile)
  • Real-time updating of client information
  • Store notes, emails, & contracts and other attachments in one place
  • Track sales, referrals & repeat business
  • Review sales team’s contact with clients
  • Give access to different team members based on necessity & position
  • Delegate & track contacts & tasks given to specific team members
  • Review current customer filing & record-keeping systems
  • Determine objectives & consider future roadmap
  • Setup automation & integrations
  • Decide on appropriate CRM
  • Customise fields & automations specific to your organisation
  • Continuous CRM team training

Systems & Processes

  • Review current processes & effectiveness
  • Strategise & brainstorm processes
  • Determine methods & game plan for capturing steps
  • Create KPIs Test & review
  • Finalise & plan periodic review