What does the word ‘visionary’ mean to you?


What is a visionary? And how does one become one?


A visionary is open to possibility and the idea that what they envision in their mind is a real potential in this physical world.  It takes being able to believe in something when evidence has not yet shown you how it will manifest.  It takes courage as you will have naysayers that won’t believe in you and what you are creating.



I believe everyone has within them a visionary.  They can achieve greatness and impact the world.



For business-owners and founders, the first step is to achieve clarity on the vision.  Why did you create this business?  Allow what you want out of the business to flourish in your mind.  When you play with the end goal in mind; like moulding clay into a form, you can easily change it until it is right.  When it changes, that is okay.



It starts with the questions:


  • What is your end goal?


  • How will you serve the world?



I have meetings with clients daily where we are cultivating and clarifying their vision.


If you’re unsure of what the next step is; clarity on your why is the next step.

The actions, logical steps, and so forth come after we take care of this vision.  Steps that appear bold to others are no longer bold to you when you are clear on where you are going.


Become the visionary you know you are.