Goals & Pivoting

You always hear of goals and how they are crucial to your success.


While I agree they are important, they are useless unless you understand the pivot.


Take the analogy of a car trip & and your business: The starting destination is where your company is today.  The final destination is your company goals.  Once you’re on your trip and you make a wrong turn, you adjust.  With business, they call this a pivot.  You find out something isn’t working; you make adjustments and continue.


The path isn’t a straight line, with twists & turns around obstacles come in the way.  If you can realize setbacks are lessons for your business and you can grow from them, you can adjust and move forward.


The challenge businesses face is they have too much invested in areas need to make adjustments.


Once you are comfortable with the pivot, your business will become much more nimble and able to make quick changes and adjust to the marketplace.


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