Failure Is A Necessity For Success

Have you ever heard the stories about people whom you may admire or respect and the list of failures and setbacks they had?


If you have not, please look up the story of United States President Abraham Lincoln, Apple founder Steve Jobs, or arguably the most powerful woman the world today, Oprah Winfrey. There are many more examples but these are three where greatness and change came from seemingly insurmountable challenges.


Why is it that we hear over and over in our life about people overcoming such challenges?


The reason is very clear:


Failure is a necessity for success in your life and business.


But, how can this be? I was taught my whole life that failing was bad and that this did not lead to a successful life?  Whether from pure ignorance or done intentionally, this entire mindset is completely incorrect. And if you don’t believe me, I respect that completely, and I ask that you consider trying to replace the words noted below with the suggested ones for 30 days.


And if you forget, don’t beat yourself up, simply state what you meant to say and move on.  Our inner dialogue is more powerful than almost anything else.  Want to learn more about this


From a coaching perspective, one of the things I will do it immediately is to teach you to reframe your inner & outer dialogue.


I want you to quickly replace the following words:





…you understand where I’m going.


With these words:








Why?  Your mind will look at a result entirely differently.


It will be reframed for success, enforcing the inner power that is you, and taking you to new levels of greatness in your life.


Keep with this, again for 30 days, if you are up for the challenge.  Wait and see as opportunities literally are exploding around you to get their attention.